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Enrollment Information

Once you have completed all hiring processes and your employment record is activated in the payroll database you will receive an email containing your clock number and enrollment information. Please review the information and be sure you are aware of your obligaitons. You will be able to enroll within 5-7 days after starting employment.

All benefit plans that you enroll in will be effective on your Date of Hire regardless of when you complete the enrollment. You will have 30 days from your date of hire to complete your enrollment. Enrollment must be completed even if you are waiving all coverage. Once you begin the enrollment process, you must complete the entire process or your enrollment will n ot be saved. You will receive a confirmation number once your enrollment is complete. It is important to retain this number for your records.
All employees who do not actively elect or waive a medical plan will be automatically enrolled with single coverage (employee only) in the Catastrophic Health Plan. You will not be automatically enrolled in the plan until your 30 day initial new hire enrollment period has expired but the coverage will be retroactively effective on your date of hire. If you intend to waive coverage in the company sponsored medical plans, please review the Waiving Coverage document for procedures and requirements before proceeding.
Before you begin your enrollment it is advised that you gather all dependent and beneficiary information that you will need to complete the enrollment. The Dependent Worksheet and Beneficiary Worksheet will help you in completing this task. We also recommend that you review the Dependent Eligibility Requirements to ensure you are only adding eligible dependents to the plans and understand the documentation requirement.
Additionally, should you wish to elect life insurance above the guaranteed amount, please review the Evidence of Insurability details before proceeding.
Now that you know the plans you wish to elect and have gathered all the necessary personal information for your dependents and beneficiaries, you are ready to review the Enrollment Procedures. As a reminder, it will be 5-7 days after you start employment before you will be able to actually complete the enrollment.