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VECTRUS Systems Corporation (VECTRUS) recognizes the importance of a benefit program that provides "choice" and high level protection to employees and their families. Our comprehensive benefits program has been created to fulfill a wide range of needs and to provide an effective security net for both you and your family.
VECTRUS also understands the importance of making a well informed decision. The goal of this website is to give you a more comprehensive view of both the individual benefit options and the medical care available on the international assignment you have accepted. It is our hope that this information will better enable you to make important decisions for you and your family prior to your departure.
To review site content, click on the tabs across the top. Text shown in blue throughout this website is a link to a document with additional information on the subject indicated or an external website. If login information is requested when opening a document, click cancel and the document should open.
Please feel free to contact the Benefits Office with any questions you may have. The specific point of contact for your program is listed in the Contacts section on the left.